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i provide a professional statistical analysis service for students and researchers, and more. the analysis that i do is very professional and accurate.

many students are required in their bachelor degree studies to write a research paper or an academic paper, this paper can be of two types. the first type a qualitative study, which requires no statistical analysis, and the second type is a research paper that requires a statistical analysis in the findings section. many students finds this part of the statistical analysis to be very difficult, because they find statistics difficult, and that why they turn to me for help.

statistics is a very hard subject, and many students indeed find it very hard to understand and to grasp, they can not do the statistical analysis in their paper, because it takes more time to understand the statistics than to write the entire research paper. i remember when i was in university, and we learned statistics, a lot of students were just finding statistics to be very hard, and it required them to invest many hours just to understand each class.

if speaking in terms of pure efficiency, it is not wise to invest all this time just to study statistics, if your only goal is to finish the research paper, and you will probably never use statistics again in you career life, so it is much more efficient to just pay someone to do the statistics part of your research, and do the rest yourself. a guy who does statistical analysis every day, can do the analysis in a couple of hours, which is compared to a couple of days doing the analysis by an unexperienced student.

most of the students that come to me are not lazy, its not that they don’t want to do the paper themselves, it is just that their life is very busy right now, and the last thing they need is to invest a couple of days doing a research paper. they probably have kids and a wife, and they rather invest their time with their family instead of investing it in front of a computer. most of the students that come to me tell me that they are a straight A students, and they are very smart, it is just that they don’t have time to do this assignment.

when i receive an assignment for statistical analysis from a student, i usually get a couple of things from him in order for me to be able to do the analysis, first of all i need to get from the students the data upon which he wants me to do the analysis on, second of all i need the research hypotheses of his paper, in order for us to confirm or reject these hypotheses. after i get all these things i can begin in my analysis, and ask the student when does he want me to submit to him the analysis, i then write the date in my calendar, and i prepare it for him on time.

if you need a statistical analysis for your research paper, contact me today and get a quote.

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